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  1. Puniksuke


    *Rooftops have now double xp for completing *Doubled the rate for all abyssal rares except the dagger *Skotizo has been nerfed (combat strength, hp, altars effectiveness) *Global announce should now ignore most of "worthless" drops *Added hellhounds to donator slayer cave *Added black chins to donator zone *Added ents to 2 more spots *Removed extra vorkath *Added greater demons to chasm of fire
  2. Here is the first poll
  3. Puniksuke


    *Removed Kodai wand drop from Battle Mages *Ring of Wealth now shows correct bonus drop rate with ::droprate *Added fire where u can add logs with 1 click (1.5x slower than manual tinderbox on log) to Land's end and Donator zone (dz has fire 2x closer) *Added Mage of Zamorak to Donator zone *Added normal bones to Ironman store *Added big bones to General Store *Buffed xp rates for RC, Smithing, Agility, Hunter *Ironmans can now buy back their items from zulrah death for 100k
  4. Welcome to Kryptic 🙂
  5. Contributor (10$) 3% drop rates boost Access to Donator zone Access to Donator slayer cave Custom title Sponsor (50$) 5% drop rates boost Supporter (100$) 7% drop rates boost Bank command VIP(250$) 9% drop rates boost Infamous (500$) 11% drop rates boost Legendary (1000$) 13% drop rates boost Mythical (2500$) 15% drop rates boost
  6. Puniksuke

    Old updates

    13/04/2020 *You can now attack knight of saradomin *Zulrah drop rate for rares is now 1/125 *Rune pouch is now functioning properly *Poll booth now shows correct claim votes command *You can no longer teleport out of wilderness with command ::edge *Bank can no longer be opened in wild and some other locations *Hiscores is now ordered by total level when useing Overall compare *Removed blowpipe, dhcb and dwh from PKP store *Updated Giant Pouch model (still not the correct one) *Swapped East and West dragons teleports *Aberrant Spectre no longer has broken animtion *Kurask no longer has broken animation *Karil's coif has now +7 range (was +3) *You can now use Dragon arrows *You no longer get double vote points *Bonus xp event is over 10/04/2020 *Group Ironman Panel interface *Alert when Kick, Accept, Decline, Invite, Leave (Group) *New invite interface that shows online players that can be invited to group *Drop table has been fixed for most npcs (Please let me know npc's that are not working) *Zulrah no longer shows global best time (will be back later on) 08/04/2020 update *Fixed trident of the seas *You can now enchant jewelry with correct runes *Removed range defence from amethyst arrows *You can now smith adamant bolts at 73 smithing *You can now recolor imbued slayer helm 06/04/2020 update *You can now leave Mage Arena *You can now lay traps at Feldip Hills *You can now use Charge at 80 magic *You can now steal from tea stall at Varrock *Swapped black duplicate black d'hide chaps with blue ones *Added bank to dz mining zone *Added command ::bank for 100$+ donators 05/04/2020 update *Chasm of Fire has been updated *Knight, Hero, Paladin and Guards in Ardougne are now attackable *Knight, Paladin and Guard can now be thieved from *Added Bank chests to Pure Essence Mines *Added Red and Grey Chincompas to their locations (Piscatoris and Feldip Hills) *Added Kolodion to Mage Bank - minigame for Magic stuff *You can now enter to Kalphite Lair from any angle *Achievement Viewer now shows task by colors *Autocast works now for Slayer staff and Slayer Staff (e) *You can now use diamond (and other tipped) bolts with crosswbows *You can now correctly use Enchant spells 04/04/2020 update *Cooking shows now Cooking xp not Firemaking xp (new client) *Herb Sack is no longer deleted on death *Nerfed Gem Rocks *Low Alchemy is now working *High Alchemy and Lower Alchemy xp has been lowered *Dragon hunter Lance has now +20% damage and accuracy *Added Hunter Guild teleport under skills *Fixed a crafting bug (needle on dragon lether) *Smelthing now requires 1 coal *Added Dragon hunter lance to donator store for 20 scrolls *Added minigame teleport to lighthouse where u can kill Dagganoth Mother as miniquest for books *Added iron-adamant arrows to ironman store *Npc's at home are now facing correct direction *Added Mining guild teleport under Skilling *Added fishing spots to Fishing zone (fishing guild) *Removed requirement to enter Woodcutting guild 03/04/2020 update *Pest Control lobby time is now 20 sec *Enabled bonus weekend xp (25%) *Added information clerk to home (daily tasks) *Added RFD minigame with chest to home *Mage of Zamorak option Abyss now teleports you to Abyss (new client) *Redirected ::dz teleport *Added herb secondarys to Ironman and Herb store 02/04/2020 update *Fixed ::reward command *Added global message when somebody donates *You can now use looting bag at home *Monkfish spot now shows option Small Net *Manta/Sea turtle spot now shows option Big Net *Moved 2 fishing spot to accessable spot at Lands End *Added teleport to Lands End *Added simple hiscores ::hiscores *Fixed Cavern - Revs south entrance 01/04/2020 updates * Added Ranged Weaponry store to home * Fixed Ranged Weaponry store * Added Magic Armoury store to home * Added Melee Armours store to home * Fixed vote/store/donate/discord/reward commands * Fixed tree branch at gnome stronghold that didn't work * Fixed Revenant caves south entrance * Added Revenants north entrance teleport
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