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    *Rooftops have now double xp for completing *Doubled the rate for all abyssal rares except the dagger *Skotizo has been nerfed (combat strength, hp, altars effectiveness) *Global announce should now ignore most of "worthless" drops *Added hellhounds to donator slayer cave *Added black chins to donator zone *Added ents to 2 more spots *Removed extra vorkath *Added greater demons to chasm of fire
  3. Lol not bad dude, I imagine them raids helped alot too 😉 keep up the grind you'll be max in no time 👍
  4. Welcome to kryptic bud 👍
  5. Here is the first poll
  6. Puniksuke


    *Removed Kodai wand drop from Battle Mages *Ring of Wealth now shows correct bonus drop rate with ::droprate *Added fire where u can add logs with 1 click (1.5x slower than manual tinderbox on log) to Land's end and Donator zone (dz has fire 2x closer) *Added Mage of Zamorak to Donator zone *Added normal bones to Ironman store *Added big bones to General Store *Buffed xp rates for RC, Smithing, Agility, Hunter *Ironmans can now buy back their items from zulrah death for 100k
  7. Welcome to Kryptic 🙂
  8. My current goals for the account is getting Maxed! Main Goal. Complete all Items in Raids.
  9. Hello my name is jose, ive been playing RSPS for many years now. I love 317 base the most, Currently an ironman looking for people to join my group. My ingame name is JM63AMG add me in you need assistance with anything.
  10. Contributor (10$) 3% drop rates boost Access to Donator zone Access to Donator slayer cave Custom title Sponsor (50$) 5% drop rates boost Supporter (100$) 7% drop rates boost Bank command VIP(250$) 9% drop rates boost Infamous (500$) 11% drop rates boost Legendary (1000$) 13% drop rates boost Mythical (2500$) 15% drop rates boost
  11. Puniksuke

    Old updates

    13/04/2020 *You can now attack knight of saradomin *Zulrah drop rate for rares is now 1/125 *Rune pouch is now functioning properly *Poll booth now shows correct claim votes command *You can no longer teleport out of wilderness with command ::edge *Bank can no longer be opened in wild and some other locations *Hiscores is now ordered by total level when useing Overall compare *Removed blowpipe, dhcb and dwh from PKP store *Updated Giant Pouch model (still not the correct one) *Swapped East and West dragons teleports *Aberrant Spectre no longer has broken animtion *Kurask no longer has broken animation *Karil's coif has now +7 range (was +3) *You can now use Dragon arrows *You no longer get double vote points *Bonus xp event is over 10/04/2020 *Group Ironman Panel interface *Alert when Kick, Accept, Decline, Invite, Leave (Group) *New invite interface that shows online players that can be invited to group *Drop table has been fixed for most npcs (Please let me know npc's that are not working) *Zulrah no longer shows global best time (will be back later on) 08/04/2020 update *Fixed trident of the seas *You can now enchant jewelry with correct runes *Removed range defence from amethyst arrows *You can now smith adamant bolts at 73 smithing *You can now recolor imbued slayer helm 06/04/2020 update *You can now leave Mage Arena *You can now lay traps at Feldip Hills *You can now use Charge at 80 magic *You can now steal from tea stall at Varrock *Swapped black duplicate black d'hide chaps with blue ones *Added bank to dz mining zone *Added command ::bank for 100$+ donators 05/04/2020 update *Chasm of Fire has been updated *Knight, Hero, Paladin and Guards in Ardougne are now attackable *Knight, Paladin and Guard can now be thieved from *Added Bank chests to Pure Essence Mines *Added Red and Grey Chincompas to their locations (Piscatoris and Feldip Hills) *Added Kolodion to Mage Bank - minigame for Magic stuff *You can now enter to Kalphite Lair from any angle *Achievement Viewer now shows task by colors *Autocast works now for Slayer staff and Slayer Staff (e) *You can now use diamond (and other tipped) bolts with crosswbows *You can now correctly use Enchant spells 04/04/2020 update *Cooking shows now Cooking xp not Firemaking xp (new client) *Herb Sack is no longer deleted on death *Nerfed Gem Rocks *Low Alchemy is now working *High Alchemy and Lower Alchemy xp has been lowered *Dragon hunter Lance has now +20% damage and accuracy *Added Hunter Guild teleport under skills *Fixed a crafting bug (needle on dragon lether) *Smelthing now requires 1 coal *Added Dragon hunter lance to donator store for 20 scrolls *Added minigame teleport to lighthouse where u can kill Dagganoth Mother as miniquest for books *Added iron-adamant arrows to ironman store *Npc's at home are now facing correct direction *Added Mining guild teleport under Skilling *Added fishing spots to Fishing zone (fishing guild) *Removed requirement to enter Woodcutting guild 03/04/2020 update *Pest Control lobby time is now 20 sec *Enabled bonus weekend xp (25%) *Added information clerk to home (daily tasks) *Added RFD minigame with chest to home *Mage of Zamorak option Abyss now teleports you to Abyss (new client) *Redirected ::dz teleport *Added herb secondarys to Ironman and Herb store 02/04/2020 update *Fixed ::reward command *Added global message when somebody donates *You can now use looting bag at home *Monkfish spot now shows option Small Net *Manta/Sea turtle spot now shows option Big Net *Moved 2 fishing spot to accessable spot at Lands End *Added teleport to Lands End *Added simple hiscores ::hiscores *Fixed Cavern - Revs south entrance 01/04/2020 updates * Added Ranged Weaponry store to home * Fixed Ranged Weaponry store * Added Magic Armoury store to home * Added Melee Armours store to home * Fixed vote/store/donate/discord/reward commands * Fixed tree branch at gnome stronghold that didn't work * Fixed Revenant caves south entrance * Added Revenants north entrance teleport
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